Mayjoy’s Doughnuts


– 12 ml yeast

– 310 ml flour

– 80 ml margarine

– 80 ml sugar

– 90 ml water warm

– 310 ml milk

– 1 egg beaten

– 2.5 ml salt


1. In a bowl combine yeast, warm water, and 1 tablespoons of sugar. Let sit until foamy and smells like beer.

2. In large pot or microwave, scald milk margarine and sugar.

3. Once milk had cooled, add egg, yeast ands salt

4. In large bowl, add flour and liquids and beat until sticky

5. Make dough (mixing in up to 2.5 more cups of flour)

6. Let dough in size.

7. Roll out and cut doughnuts. Place on large tray and place in the oven at 200° Fahrenheit and let double in size for 10 minutes.

8. In a large pot, fill the 1/4 of the pot with oil and heat until the oil reaches 350° before frying up doughnuts. Cook for about 3 mins on each side and top with Doughnut Glaze or nutella. Add sprinkles and other topping if desired.



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